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IVG is One of the top-selling vape products worldwide, IVG disposables are now setting records in Canada and Mister vapor carries the entire line!!!


  • Strawberry Apple Banana Ice: Fresh strawberry, apple and banana with an icy touch.
  • Raspberry Menthol: A delicious raspberry flavour mixed with cool menthol.
  • Poppin Strawberry Peach: Sweet strawberry and ripe peach flavour finished off with mouth-watering lemon flavour.
  • Mango Peach Watermelon: The juicy flavour of mango, peach and watermelon will only leave you wanting more.
  • Lychee Blackcurrant: Juicy fresh lychee mixed with sweet bursts of blackcurrant.
  • Creamy Strawberry Vanilla Ice: A smooth creamy taste of strawberry ice cream.
  • Blazzin Blue Razz: Mouth-watering blueberries and raspberries treat, with a subtle slush effect.
  • Blazzin Berries: A perfect mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with an added lemonade burst.
  • Mango Blackcurrant: A tasty blend of ripe mango and rich blackcurrants.
  • Grape Lemon: Fresh grapes with an added touch of lemon for a refreshing taste.
  • Creamy Vanilla: A classic blend of creamy vanilla and a custard-based exhale - a vintage classic.
  • Creamy Strawberry: Delicious creamy strawberry dessert flavour.
  • Apple Strawberry Peach: This ripe apple, sweet strawberry and juicy peach flavour will leave your mouth watering.
  • Citrus Blackcurrant: A juicy burst of sweet blackcurrants paired with a cool lemonade to finish.

IVG Max disposable bar will make all of your vaping desires come true. Each disposable is laced with flavorful notes and a delectable aroma, and it comes with 12ml of our award-winning salt nic e-liquid and a long-lasting coil for a smooth vaping experience. 

IVG Max also include a robust 600 mah rechargeable battery, which allows them to produce up to 5000 puffs with consistent flavours and smooth throat hits. So, choose your favourite flavour from our thrilling flavour profile and elevate your vaping experience!