Flavour Beast Pods

Flavour Beast Blazin banana blackberry Pods: A masterful blend of sweet blackberry, and creamy banana finish on the exh
Flavour Beast Extreme Mint Pods: perfect summer blend, Sweet peppermint with a lot of cold!
Flavour Beast Rainbow Burst Pod: Mix of sweet fruit candy flavours which will leave you bowled
Flavour Beast Bomb Blue Razz Pods: A masterful blend of blueberry, raspberry, and sweet & tart finish on the exhale
Freestyle Flavourless Pods: Immerse yourself in a pristine vapor canvas tailored for those in pursuit of a pure and unflavoured vaping experience.
Flavour Beast Gusto green apple Pods: Sweet and tart green apple
Flavour Beast Lemon Squeeze Pods: Sweet and tart ripe lemons,
Flavour Beast Mad Mango Peach Pods: juicy ripe mangoes, infuse with sweet peaches
Flavour Beast Lit Lychee watermelon Pods: The perfect balance of sweet Lychee and refreshing watermelon.
Flavour Beast Pop'n Peach Berry Pods: Fresh and juicy peaches pair with popping berry bomb.
Flavour Beast Ragin Razz Mango Iced Pods: perfect summer blend of fresh blue raspberries, mango with an icy finish
Flavour Beast Sic Strawberry Iced Pods: Refreshing sweet strawberry chilled to perfection.
Flavour Beast Sour Snap Pod: A sweet and sour taste that leave you wanting more.
Flavour Beast Wild White Grape Iced Pods: Refreshing white grapes chilled to perfection.

Key Features:  

  • Mesh Coil
  • Compatible with popular pod systems
  • Sensational sweet flavours
  • Freshness seal

Device Specifications:  

  • 2mL of e-liquid 
  • 20mg/mL nicotine content  

All flavours may contain traces of mint and/or menthol

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