The new STLTH X pods feature a custom-designed absorbent material that holds the e-liquid in place. By storing the liquid inside this absorbent material, there is a reduced chance that you will experience a leak. This system also provides increased airflow which results in smoother and denser pulls. 

This increased airflow and vapour production is thanks to the way the e-liquid soaked absorbent material interacts with the heating element as well as the aerodynamics of the redesigned mouthpiece. 

In order to provide the same amount of e-liquid in our STLTH X pods as our original STLTH pods we have made the tank slightly larger to accommodate the full 2mL of e-liquid as well as the added absorbent material. 

The new design has also raised the atomizer up higher to deliver a more robust flavour experience. You may be able to see it when you look down into the opening in the mouthpiece. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to be like that. 

Another noticeable change is the colour of the new STLTH X pods. These pods are filled with absorbent material, so they appear darker than the previous liquid only pods. We believe the darker, stealthier look fits the STLTH brand even better.

With all of these changes you can rest easy knowing that none of them will impact the pods’ pairing capabilities. You will be able to use all the new STLTH X pods with your original STLTH vaping device. 

 n top of the changes we have made to the physical pods, we have also modified our e-liquid formulas for STLTH X to impart a stronger flavour and provide a smoother vaping experience. 

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