The latest edition of the Boosted Bar Plus – now equipped with a stylish new body, an upgraded airflow design, and a robust 900mAh battery. While these enhancements elevate the vaping experience, the Boosted Bar Plus maintains its signature Synthetic 50 salt nic formula in each bar. Experience an enhanced flavor and consistency, thanks to the improved airflow design.

Savor the invigorating flavors of Boosted Bars, featuring revamped tastes that breathe new life into the beloved Boosted Bar Pro collection or introduce entirely fresh and exciting options. Enhanced with an improved airflow system and a sleek, upgraded design, these bars provide a gratifying hit, emulating a 50-nicotine strength, all at a budget-friendly price. Prepare to enhance your vaping journey with the unparalleled Boosted experience!

Boosted Bar Plus Flavour Profiles:

  • Apple Banana: A delicious combination of apple and banana.
  • Banana Ice - Experience the sweet, ripe taste of bananas with a cool, refreshing finish.
  • Blue Raspberry: The perfect balance of sweet and tart Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry Berry Chew: A melody of tart cherry, sweet berry and bubble treat.
  • Cherry Fizz: A refreshing cherry cola flavour.
  • Citrus Melon: A unique mix of citrus fruits with a melon kick.
  • Fresh Mint: A refreshing blast of icy, cold, fresh mint flavour.
  • Great Grape - A fresh, sweet flavour of just great grapes!
  • Lemon Mint: A combination of tart lemon and icy mint.
  • Mango Peach - A perfect blend of ripe mango and peach nectar.
  • Orange Blast: A rich vapor and intense flavor of tangy orange.
  • Peach Chew: A distinct, flavorful Peach Chew treat.
  • Peach Ice - Peach infused with a hint of minty freshness.
  • Pink Lemon - A unique flavor combination of sweet and tart pink lemon.
  • Sour Berries - A tart yet sweet taste, offering an intense burst of flavor with each puff.
  • Sour Mouth: An authentic sweet, sour flavor.
  • Strawberry Dragonfruit - Experience the mouthwatering combination of strawberry and dragonfruit.
  • Triple Berry - A perfect blend of three sweet berry flavours.
  • Tropical Blast: A smooth blend of mixed tropical fruits.
  • Watermelon Ice - A refreshing blend of watermelon juice over ice.

Fine-tuned to perfection. Each Boosted Bar offers enhanced airflow and a leak-resistant design. Guaranteed satisfaction, featuring synthetic nicotine. Lab-produced nicotine is enhanced to feel similar to a 50mg/mL salt nicotine product.

All flavours may contain trace amounts of mint

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