Boosted Bar Plus

Boosted Bar PLUS; featuring a new Mesh coil, Stainless steel shell with now 6ML of juice & an all new 9000MAH battery to ensure maximum quality.


  • Banana Ice - Experience the sweet, ripe taste of bananas with a cool, refreshing finish.
  • Great Grape - A fresh, sweet flavour of just great grapes!
  • Mango Peach - A perfect blend of ripe mango and peach nectar.
  • Peach Ice - Peach infused with a hint of minty freshness.
  • Pink Lemon - A unique flavor combination of sweet and tart pink lemon.
  • Sour Berries - A tart yet sweet taste, offering an intense burst of flavor with each puff.
  • Strawberry Dragonfruit - Experience the mouthwatering combination of strawberry and dragonfruit.
  • Triple Berry - A perfect blend of three sweet berry flavours.
  • Watermelon Ice - A refreshing blend of watermelon juice over ice.

Fine-tuned to perfection. Each Boosted Bar offers enhanced airflow and a leak-resistant design.
Guaranteed satisfaction, featuring synthetic nicotine. Lab-produced nicotine is enhanced to feel similar to a 50mg/mL salt nicotine product.

All flavours may contain traces of mint and/or menthol

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