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WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada


Vaping Cost Vs. Cigarette Cost

by Jason Lieu 13 Jun 2018

In this Blog we will walk you through the true facts of the cost discrepancy between Cigarettes and Vaping. It has been widely known for a significant period of time that the amount of money people spend on Cigarettes is just astonishing. I am writing today to help you see cost comparisons and smarter alternative to that expensive habit through a different perspective and Vaping cost analysis. I am sure if you are a former or current smoker you have heard this statement hundreds of times, “imagine how much more money you would have if you quit smoking”. So please read along and i will walk you down the path of financial enlightenment, a viable alternative, cost comparisons, how we arrived at the numbers and touch on the topic of E-Liquid cost differentiations.


We have found through our own Analytics over the years of retailing vapor products, that on average (not everyone, but on an average basis), users of vapor products tend to vape 30ML-60ML of E-Liquid in a span of 7-14 day period. This fluctuation varies and was considered by how often said person vapes, Nicotine strengths, how long they have been vaping etc. Quite like the fluctuations of use for smokers who smoke half a pack a day and another who smokes three packs, but the average is 1 pack a day. With that, we calculated the weekly cost of the E-Liquid to be approximately $16.99-34.99 for a 30ML-60ML of a higher premium quality product (FDA registered lab using only the highest quality ingredients). We also added the cost of a new coil at approximately $4.99, being a biweekly replacement. On average a user of the traditional analogs smokes one pack a day. Considering the taxes on cigarettes are vastly ranged from province to province, we have come up with an average of $12.00 a pack on average.


Moreover,  if you are a pack a day smoker you are spending roughly $84.00 per week on your smokes. If we add up the total payments for the highest, safest quality E-Liquid and the coils costs you are looking at a total of $28.49 weekly. Even that number is before any loyalty rewards or sales, (that are very common within vapor stores) are considered. Based on these number, you are going to save approximately $55.51 weekly. This equates to a monthly savings of $222.04 and an astonishing yearly savings of $2,664.48. Not to mention the most important variable, which is the quality of your life!


There are companies in this industry that conduct bad business practices and do not follow the laws or even have a moral compass. These companies that sell for example, a gallon of E-Liquid for dollars have ZERO overhead and are buying untested, unregulated, potentially dangerous substances to you. I mean you have to really wonder and be concerned with how and why they are selling so much for so little in comparison to other companies. These low quality, unregulated products will not be around for much longer and for good reason. Everyone is somewhat conscientious of what they put into their bodies and rightfully so. With these cheap E-Liquids coming from questionable sources such as china, how do you really know what it consists of. Yea we know, VG, PG, Flavorant and nicotine right? But did you know that there are significant variances of quality for VG, PG, Flavorant and Nicotine. Notwithstanding the absolute fact that these LOW quality, cheap Liquids are made in non FDA registered facilities and have even been found being made in bathrooms from people with no degrees or certifications or even a basic knowledge or understanding of what is truly at risk, are you still wondering why they are so cheap…? Sometimes these behaviours or practices are from teenagers working at the register at a local vape store mixing away! These practices need to stop and are not the answer! So for all that are questioning the costs of E-Liquids, we hope these 2 paragraphs that merely just touch on the topic allow for you to gain some perspective.


Additionally, Taxation is a variable you must consider, and why is that? Because it is a Guarantee, In fact, the compliant companies are already paying taxes on E-Liquids in provinces like Ontario and among others. When it pertains to regulations, proper and moral business practices, coupled with taxation, these companies will eventually (Very soon) have to tell you, “due to tax and good business practices/regulations we must follow, our cost has to be inflated by up to 10 times” or many will simply go out of business because this was just for a quick buck in the first place. Any customers will be minimally affected by this, if at all, due to our constant pursuit of the best and safest E-Liquids, 100% compliance on a city, province and federal level we are confident we can maintain an affordable, high quality product for many years to come. 

Lastly, and of of course there are additional costs that would affect these numbers such as the amount of cigarettes consumed daily and the cost of whatever Vaping Mod you purchase throughout the year. On average the cost of a quality “E-Cigarette” or Mod will run you about $30 to $100, but this will last you months if not years. This is a very small drop in the bucket when you are comparing the true cost of the filthy habit known as smoking. There is a silent majority that vape in small amounts (30ML a week) and only purchase 1 device a year, if that, so please do not get this confused with the “vaping enthusiasts”, we love you guys to, but 90% of the market just want to quit and there are still 10’s of millions that never even attempted to use vapor products. This blog post is intended for them, and we urge you to share it and even consider what you may be vaping. Trust us, there is much more to it then 4 ingredients. We hope this clarifies these gray areas on the topic and we urge you to make the switch today!

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