Yocan NYX replacement Quartz Dual Coils

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The Yocan NYX Dual Quartz Coils (QDC) provide some of the most pure and potent vapour from two quartz crystal rods. The Yocan NYX QDC coils are compatible with the Yocan NYX Atomizer as well as the Yocan Cerum Atomizer.  These are a 0.8ohm dual quartz coil with a recommended wattage of 15-25W. The NYX QDC coils heat up quickly and provides a clean tasty hit with big vapour. Instead of traditional fiber wick coils the QDC coils provides the purest experience, guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence.


1 x Pack of Replaceable Yocan NYX Quartz Dual Coils with Recommended Wattage 15-25W (5pcs/pkg)

Please Note: Replacement coils do not come with splash caps