Nasty Juice Cash Man Mango Grape

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Cush Man was best known for its realistic taste. Someone said it tasted like a fresh mango that had just been pulled out of the blender and we completely agree. Mango Grape, the first juice in the Cush Man series is a pulpy miracle. This juice combines the thick succulence of Grape with the juicy delicious of mango for an e juice that is simply of the charts. You local smoothie parlor has got nothing on this blend. If you've always wanted to indulge yourself in the spoils of a tropical vacation, now is the time to get that done. Mango Grape would literally take you on a trip to foreign land. Think whitewashed walls, lace curtains and the sound of waves lapping at your ears. For those who have a soft spot for fruit juices, Mango Grape would work wonders. One inhale of this and your taste buds would be singing in amazement. It is undoubtedly good and, to be honest, we are not completely surprised. Whatever comes from the stables of Nasty Juice has to be worth the while. Treat your self to the deluxe vaping experience you deserve by grabbing a bottle of this e juice. Every puff you take from inhale to exhale will be heavy with flavorful satisfaction. If you've been on the #teamfitfam bandwagon lately, then you'd have an even greater appreciation for this e juice which is made from natural ingredients. Experience the best of mother nature's bowels with Mango Grape by Nasty Cush Man Series E Liquid. It's the best of the best and you deserve it.


70%VG | 30%PG Ratio