Cola Man

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It's a scientific fact that human beings become more and more intelligent as generations progress. And we can prove that to you... Take cola soft drinks as an example. We managed to take the cola bean and make a delicious bubbly drink out of it. Then we managed to pack it into a glass bottle. After that, an aluminum can. Then after that, a plastic bottle. And now, in the year 2018, we have managed to make this classic American beverage into eliquid! Now if that doesn't convince you that human beings are getting smarter and smarter, then we don't know what will! Cola Man ejuice is 60ml of delicious cola goodness developed specifically for your vape tank. What's great about this is that there is no need to recycle a plastic bottles nor aluminum cans! On top of that, you can literally carry this great flavor with you in your pocket all day. Very convenient! Perfect for any cola enthusiast who wants to enjoy delicious cola flavor anywhere at anytime. A very unique flavor to the vaping world. You won't be disappointed.


70%VG | 30%PG Ratio