Ziip Pods Pre-filled Replacement Pods ** JUUL Compatible **

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Ziip Pods

Ziip pods are designed from the ground up to be the best alternative to existing Juul pods and flavors. Providing a unique selection of flavors, Ziip pods are the best way to expand your current Juul flavor collection and try out something new. Whether you're looking for something traditional or a bit more exotic and fruity, Ziip pods by Ziip Labs have you covered.

  • ZiiP Mango: one of the most popular fruit flavors going, Mango pods by ZiiP are full of exotic, juicy flavor.
  • ZiiP Strawberry Milk: creamy and fruity in equal measure, ZiiP Strawberry Milk is great for dessert lovers.
  • ZiiP Watermelon: a juicy, natural flavor that's refreshingly summery. 
  • Ziip  Strawberry Lemonade: This flavor combines the bittersweet essence of lemonade with the sweet soul of the freshly picked strawberry in each puffing session
  • Ziip Iced Multipack: The Iced tropical flavors are made for those that wish to freshen up and revitalize their senses, while blessing them with the finest tropical fruits available on the market.
  • Ziip Iced Pina Colada:Cuddle your senses with a tropical coconut milk concoction, synthesized to emulate the alcoholic beverage of Pina Colada.
  • Ziip Iced Orange: Imagine a delivery of freshly squeezed orange juice impress itself upon the windows of your palate. Now, imagine eliquid vape smoke that tastes and smells exactly the same